Noel Herbert


Noel brings his passion for, and many years of housing and homelessness support experience to the forefront of Full Circle Projects. Equally is his drive for supporting new ideas and initiatives, Indigenous culture and advancement, youth issues, and any disadvantaged or marginalised peoples through expanding the portfolio of current projects currently being tabled across the Brisbane and Toowoomba regions.

Mark Shields

Director of Programs & Support Coordinator

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge from 20 years in the domestic violence and youth and family support sector. Working in Indigenous communities, with NGO's and Govt funded services including legal, youth justice, child protection, intensive family support, and case management. Mark has a passion for culture, research, and developing cost-effective programs, new initiatives and ideas that will make a difference in peoples lives...Also, one of those people that loves data..

Marcus Pedro

Torres Strait Islander Cultural Liaison and Participant Support

Marcus Pedro is a proud Torres Strait Islander hailing from St Paul Village on Moa Island. He belongs to the esteemed Wagadagam tribe and finds deep spiritual connection with his totems: the crocodile, dugong, and shovel nose shark. With a diverse skill set, Marcus has made his mark as a professional DJ, leveraging music to bridge cultures and create memorable experiences. Prior to his music career, Marcus served as a Queensland Police Officer, where he demonstrated his commitment to community safety and well-being. Recognizing the power of mentorship, Marcus has dedicated himself to guiding and empowering others as a Mentor and Life Coach. Furthermore, he co-authored the inspiring book "Three Warriors Within" and is currently pursuing studies in App Development, showcasing his passion for innovation and technology. Marcus Pedro's multifaceted journey exemplifies his unwavering dedication to preserving Indigenous culture, fostering personal growth, and making a positive impact on the world around him.

Troy Reddy

Operations Manager

Troy is a proud Ngugi man who’s people come from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Troy has experience providing support for youth and young people struggling with substance abuse. He has worked providing cultural support within the justice system as well as transitional support out in the community for those reintegrating back into community. Now our Operations Manager, taking care of our disability support worker team with a real passion for helping people.