Do you need to be on the street to get help from FCP?

No. FCP will assist you with NDIS and other issues if you are living in your car, couch surfing from place to place with no fixed address and at high risk of loosing your current tenancy. 

Do you help all of Brisbane?

Currently, FCP provides NDIS support for the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in Brisbane and the Moreton By Shire Council catchment areas. 

How often will you see me?

We will attempt to follow up with you every week. Or more often if there are concerns about your health and well-being. For NDIS clients, that will be as required by the parameters of your support package. Please call if you need to discuss this in more detail.  

Can you help financially?

Yes, depending on your needs. Though it is limited to things that will help you secure a place to live and support you to sustain a tenancy. Every situation is different so, we will discuss this with you. 

What about if I get a place to live?

FCP will continue to follow up with you once you have somewhere to live, to make sure you can sustain the tenancy until you're back on your feet.  NDIS support will be ongoing for as long as you require. 

Will FCP keep information about me?

Yes. It is important to gather information about your situation so that we can support you properly, and pass on our assessment to services such as the Dept Of Housing and Public Works for you to get somewhere to live. Information may be required to obtain items such as birth certificates, proof of age cards, medicare cards etc. FCP will only share what you give us consent to share.