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Full Circle Projects include specialised culturally appropriate NDIS support for the Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Moreton Bay catchments



Outreach and Support Full Circle Projects currently provide NDIS support for the Brisbane, Toowoomba and Moreton Bay areas. If you are looking for help navigating the NDIS system or would like support please contact us to arrange a visit. For more information please use the email contact form on our site.


Housing Assistance Although we are not currently funded for homelessness support, FCP can still provide assistance and advice based on years of experience in outreach, case management and our current housing networks to assist people in this way


Community Projects and Partners Full Circle Projects are currently working on exciting new initiatives in Brisbane and Toowoomba to support youth, housing, domestic violence, and social enterprise.

Full Circle Projects Inc (FCP) is a registered non-profit organisation providing specialist culturally competent NDIS support, and support co-ordination for people with disability. We also provide assistance for people currently experiencing homelessness or at high risk of becoming homeless in Brisbane and the Moreton Bay Shire Council Catchment area.  FCP aims to provide sustainable improvements to peoples lives through: culturally appropriate direct client engagement and support; weekend availability; the provision of practical support needs; social inclusion; sourcing household goods and donations through service partners; utilising existing partnerships who provide short term to permanent accommodation in Govt, non-Govt housing services and private rental markets.

Our Vision

To provide competent specialist support for the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community.

Our Mission

To provide support to all people including youth, elderly, people with disability, those who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and any other culturally or linguistically diverse persons . To see individuals and families who are marginalised members of our community who experience exclusion, poverty, injustice and social isolation create self-sustaining and meaningful futures. 

Our Values

Respect-In dealing with everyone. Each person has the right to be heard.
Integrity-In everything we do. We do what we say we will do.
Inclusion-We welcome diversity.
Collaboration-We seek innovation in our work. This means sharing of and acquiring knowledge through networks.

Reconciliation and Acknowledgement 

Our vision for reconciliation is to support a diverse and cohesive community that welcomes all its members and recognises the value that each member brings.
We acknowledge the original ownership and custodianship of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their continuing cultures and the valuable contribution Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples make to our contemporary society.
We acknowledge the hurt, dislocation and disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a result of colonisation. We seek to help redress some of that disadvantage through our programs. We also acknowledge the advantages and benefits that can result from reconciliation, and how this can enhance our programs.
Full Circle Projects Inc acknowledges the Quandamooka people that live around Moreton Bay in South-eastern Queensland and the three distinct tribes, the Nunukul, the Goenpul and the Ngugi, people as the traditional owners of this land and their continuing connection to land and community. We also acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have come from other nations to live on Quandamooka land. We pay our respects to their cultures, ancestors and Elders past, present and future.

Do you need to be on the street to get help from FCP?

No. FCP will assist you with NDIS and other issues if you are living in your car, couch surfing from place to place with no fixed address and at high risk of loosing your current tenancy. 

Where do you provide support?

Currently, FCP provides culturally appropriate NDIS support for Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Moreton By Shire Council catchment areas. 

How often will you see me?

We will follow up with you every week. Or more often if there are concerns about your health and well-being. For NDIS clients, that will be as required by the parameters of your support package. Please call if you need to discuss this in more detail.  

What about if I get a place to live?

FCP will continue to follow up with you once you have somewhere to live, to make sure you can sustain the tenancy until you're back on your feet.  NDIS support will be ongoing for as long as you require. 

Will FCP keep information about me?

Yes. It is important to gather information about your situation so that we can support you properly, and pass on our assessment to services such as the Dept Of Housing and Public Works for you to get somewhere to live. Information may be required to obtain items such as birth certificates, proof of age cards, medicare cards etc. FCP will only share what you give us consent to share. 

Can I get someone form my culture to do my disability support?

Yes. We work hard to provide the best disability support workers that you want to work with as well. Who will understand you, your needs and situation well. 

Noel Herbert


Noel brings his passion for, and many years of housing and homelessness support experience to the forefront of Full Circle Projects. Equally is his drive for supporting new ideas and initiatives, Indigenous culture and advancement, youth issues, and any disadvantaged or marginalised peoples through expanding the portfolio of current projects currently being tabled across the Brisbane and Toowoomba regions.

Mark Shields

Director of Programs & Support Coordinator

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge from 20 years in the domestic violence and youth support sector working with NGO's and Govt funded services including legal, youth justice, child protection and case management. Mark has a passion for research, developing cost-effective programs, new initiatives and ideas that will make a difference in peoples lives...One of those people that loves data..

Troy Reddy

Operations Manager


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